Question about monitoring destination IP

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Question about monitoring destination IP

Post by gimbal »

Hi, I'm wondering if Gargoyle can help to solve a problem: My ISP is telling me a device on my network is running a "botnet" and they are threatening to cut off internet service. We've scanned and reset every device, but they insist it's still running.

The only info they provide is the public destination IP address the alleged botnet is trying to connect to. My question is, will a Gargoyle router allow me to see (by MAC or local IP) if any machine on my network is attempting to reach a specific public IP address? I'm trying to avoid having to set up a complicated Wireshark (I've never used Gargoyle or Wireshark). Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Question about monitoring destination IP

Post by Lantis »

Yes you should be able to spot this traffic with Gargoyle. for the latest releases
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