Default QoS Rules Contest **Complete**

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Re: Default QoS Rules Contest **Complete**

Postby Volaris » Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:39 pm

d3fz wrote:
Volaris wrote:Leaving it to my ISP seems to break ACC at times (and I use a big ISP in the US; Comcast). It's almost as if pings to Comcast IP are exempt from speed cap because the ping remains low even when the line gets saturated.

That was my case as well (different ISP), ping remaining low even when the line was fully saturated. ACC would still work, but not at its best, as I happened to find out later after changing to an alternative ping target.

@Volaris, you seem to know a lot about QoS. There's an ongoing discussion about the effectiveness of alternative ping targets vs gateway (default). Would you mind sharing some thoughts on the subject?

Thank you.


I got to test the new QoS default rules using the 01/22 beta. They seem setup for <128 byte prioritization on upload @ 90% (!) bandwidth and no rules or prioritization on download (just equal sharing among devices)

The new default rules work decent and always kept the connection usable, but I went ahead and changed them to <128 byte prioritization on both upload and download, at 50% bandwidth for both. The reasons I did this are because I could never get an A score on DSLreports buffer bloat test, browsing didn't feel as snappy without <128 byte prioritization on download (images in articles load instantly, for example), and I was wary of some rogue connections (torrents, and I think someone mentioned Steam uploads) taking control of 90% of my upload connection.
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Re: Default QoS Rules Contest **Complete**

Postby d3fz » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:55 pm

Thanks for your feedback.
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Re: Default QoS Rules Contest **Complete**

Postby GargoyleNoob » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:40 pm

My current settings. My bullets have been registering pretty well in COD as of late and although I'm only getting half of my DL speeds, I'm satisfied overall. B/W monitoring is off btw, so no graphs for me. TPL WDR3600

ACC on. Everything else unchecked:

The 3% dedicated to UDP UL traffic makes my gaming experience night n day:

I've gotten an A+ Bufferbloat rating every hour for the past 8 hours.

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