Archer C7 5ghz poor connect speeds

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Re: Archer C7 5ghz poor connect speeds

Post by wallythacker »

I can't add value to this thread but I am pleased to see the 5ghz band connection speeds being addressed.

I'm not going to mess with my C7 using the command line as it's my only decent router. I've sold/loaned/traded my wdr4300s.

thanks for your work.

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Re: Archer C7 5ghz poor connect speeds

Post by coits »

Lantis wrote:Not until it was tested on Openwrt as well. The ath10k driver is reasonably buggy and there are many users reporting problems from the openwrt side as well.

In my opinion it is rare that gargoyle introduces extra wireless problems.

Can you do:
gpkg list-installed

And then look for the kmod-ath10k.
I'll see what version it is and if there is a later version available. If there is I'll look at getting it to you for testing.

Leaving this here for later.
Hi Lantis,

I grep the kmod-ath10k and it has a 3.18 version on it,

opkg list_installed | grep kmod-ath10k
kmod-ath10k - 3.18.23+2015-03-09-3 42d23b9f92ee71af0952fe64712159a5

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Re: Archer C7 5ghz poor connect speeds

Post by tapper »

New build out now with fix for AC routers.
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Re: Archer C7 5ghz poor connect speeds

Post by Lantis »

that is the latest firmware. There are later versions but they are incompatible with 3.18 kernel.

you could try backporting it yourself. ... /backports for the latest releases
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