WNDR (Gar) plus one more ...

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WNDR (Gar) plus one more ...

Post by mojito33 »

Hi all!

I am hoping to connect a second router to my first gargoyle router so I can extend the coverage of my wireless setup... Just hoping someone can confirm I am on the right track before I buy another router ...

I have an ADSL modem bridged to a Gargoyle Flashed WNDR3700. Address and DHCP 50-99 (1mb limit download) and static IPs for my regular users. Works well.

It is stable, fantastic, reliable ... a dream!

I can manage my family's usage and we have never gone over the data cap since I installed it.

Now, I want to connect the garage and outdoor area, and I happen to be looking at purchasing another WNDR3700.

I want to basically use the second router as ... i think it is an access point for the internet being managed by the first router?

Can someone confirm if I am on the right track?

Generally, do I just give connect my laptop to the second (new) router initially, give it an IP address of, say and turn DHCP off and THEN plug one of the LAN network cables from my first Gargoyle into the yellow WAN port of the second WNDR3700?

I am a bit confused ... also, should i flash it to gargoyle as well if I am only using it as a dumb AP?

Would appreciate any and all advice.

kind regards,


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Re: WNDR (Gar) plus one more ...

Post by papaskitch »

I have a similar setup, but I'm using OpenWRT on the second router. No reason this shouldn't work with Gargoyle.

You should plug a cable from LAN port to LAN port and disable the WAN port connection on your 2nd router. If you need the extra ports however, I think you can use the WAN port with some additional tweaks. You can also disable upnp/nat-pmp and the firewall on the extra router (I don't think firewall can be disabled in Gargoyle without breaking things, but you can punch a bunch of holes through it - I think there's a forum post somewhere that tells you how to do that). I've had it such that the firewall was enabled before with no real issues - perhaps someone else can chime in on the importance of this step.
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