Unable to change Wireless MAC address

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Unable to change Wireless MAC address

Post by britbong »

Greetings, I've been a Gargoyle user for a couple months and so far I've liked this firmware.

However, I've been unable to change the wireless mac address on my device (TL-WR741ND v2.0)

I tried editing the /etc/config/wireless file and changing the following line with the desired mac address on the 'config wifi-device 'radio0' section:

option macaddr '74:ea:xx:xx:xx:xx'

This results in loss of wireless connectivity on every attempt, and I cannot connect to any wireless network afterwards, and unfortunately, I have not seen any other references on how to spoof your mac address on the Gargoyle Wiki, or the entire internet for that matter.

I noticed that I can change the MAC address on the wired interface through the web administration, however, that option goes away as soon as I select the 'Wireless' option.

Is this feature not currently supported by the Gargoyle firmware? If so, why isn't it supported? I've tried dd-wrt on this device and this feature worked just fine, I'm going to assume that OpenWRT supports it as well, it seems odd that Gargoyle can't support such a basic feature.

Why isn't this mentioned on the Wiki/FAQ, or anywhere on the Internet?

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Re: Unable to change Wireless MAC address

Post by DoesItMatter »

I've never messed with the MAC addresses but I believe the wireless
one is derived from the main Hardware MAC address.

You might need to change the main MAC address in order to change
the Wireless MAC as well.
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