40 Mhz Client + AP

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40 Mhz Client + AP

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I have i doubt...
My setup is pretty simple:

1) Router 1 (TPLINK WR841ND)
Internet/WAN: DHCP Wired, connected to my DSL modem via WAN port.
Wireless: Access Point, B+G+N, 40 Mhz (2o. channel bellow), Channel 9
I set the option noscan=1 by command line, and is working without problems at 40 Mhz and 300 Mbps

2) Router 2 (TPLINK WR841ND)
Internet/WAN: DHCP Wireless, connected to router 1.
Wireless: Client + AP, B+G+N, 40 Mhz (2o. channel bellow), Channel 9
Option noscan=1 set by command line.

Both routers are running Gargoyle 1.6.2.

The problem is: Router 2 is not working at 40 Mhz (confirmed in inSSIDer), the max speed i got is 65 Mbps.
I tried configure Router 2 as repeater, but same thing happen.

Is this normal? An i doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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