I need to limit individual users bandwidth

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I need to limit individual users bandwidth

Post by ArcticFox »

I own a remote B&B in Bush Alaska (Bettles Lodge). I use Hughes Net for internet and we have a 800MB allowance per day before I have to burn a "token" to get another 800MB.
I advise my guests and employees that there is limited bandwith and not to download or stream, but....

I'd like to parcel out 25MB chunks of bandwith to each user so they can check their email (by p/w?), is this possible??


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Re: I need to limit individual users bandwidth

Post by n0pin »

Yes, it is possible.

EDIT: I missed the part, where OP said he wants to use password/username combination to manage quotas. This isn't possible, so look into post by pbix.
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Re: I need to limit individual users bandwidth

Post by pbix »

The concept of logging into the internet as a "User" with a password is not a feature of Gargoyle. That is the domain of a Hotspot and that is what you would need to support if you want that. There are numerous ways to go about getting a Hotspot but for the novice business person that does not want to make a hobby out of it I recommend http://www.hotspotsystems.com. For $10/month they will provide a service that allows you to hand out vouchers to people that they can then use to login and get defined amounts of service. If you go that way it would not involve Gargoyle in any way. You would use different software on a router supported by them.

Gargoyle supports quotas which can be used to limit devices (not users) on the network to set amounts of data per day. In this method you collect and maintain a list of MAC addresses for the devices that will access your network. Each device in the world has a MAC address that you have to obtain from the device itself. The list of MAC address is loaded into Gargoyle and access is granted without login. Once the limit is reached the device can either be cut-off completed or its service bandwidth limited and the quota can be made to reset everyday. This is designed for home users with a fixed or slowly changing number of devices. There is no cost but if the number of people coming and going is large maintaining the MAC address list may become tiresome for you. It will depend on how many people are coming and going and your desire to not spend any money.

I looked up your place online BTW. Looks nice, for a free stay I could be talked into coming up and setting it up for you ;)
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