Wifi stops working

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Wifi stops working

Post by cobra98 »

After ~1 day Wifi Clients can not connect anymore to AP.

Either Auth. problem is shown on android/notebook/pc.

Following to syslog i think this causes the trouble:

08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 40:0e:85:f9:ad:f4 wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 40:0e:85:f9:ad:f4 wpa: received eapol-key frame (2/2 group)
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 40:0e:85:f9:ad:f4 wpa: group key handshake completed (rsn)
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: eapol-key timeout
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: received eapol-key frame (2/2 group)
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: group key handshake completed (rsn)
08:25:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: received eapol-key 2/2 group with 
unexpected replay counter
08:25:58 dnsmasq-dhcp[27977]: dhcpinform(br-lan) bc:ae:c5:ce:c6:ee
08:25:58 dnsmasq-dhcp[27977]: dhcpack(br-lan) bc:ae:c5:ce:c6:ee noise
08:27:01 dnsmasq-dhcp[27977]: dhcpinform(br-lan) bc:ae:c5:ce:c6:ee
08:27:01 dnsmasq-dhcp[27977]: dhcpack(br-lan) bc:ae:c5:ce:c6:ee noise

08:41:11 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf radius: starting accounting session 53730e9c-00000013
08:41:11 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf ieee 802.1x: did not ack eapol-key frame (broadcast index=71)

08:45:09 hostapd: wlan0: wpa rekeying gtk
08:45:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 40:0e:85:f9:ad:f4 wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:45:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:45:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 40:0e:85:f9:ad:f4 wpa: received eapol-key frame (2/2 group)
08:45:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 40:0e:85:f9:ad:f4 wpa: group key handshake completed (rsn)
08:45:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: eapol-key timeout
08:45:09 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:45:10 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: eapol-key timeout
08:45:10 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:45:11 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: eapol-key timeout
08:45:11 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: sending 1/2 msg of group key handshake
08:45:12 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: eapol-key timeout
08:45:12 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: wpa_ptk: sm->disconnect
08:45:12 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf wpa: event 3 notification
08:45:12 hostapd: wlan0: sta 88:30:8a:24:9c:cf ieee 802.1x: unauthorizing port

Any hints what the problems could be caused and fixed?

Router: Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH
Gargoyle: 1.6.1
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Re: Wifi stops working

Post by cobra98 »

looks like this problem occurs with
following to https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/12372

one fix is by turning off ani

so i put this line in /etc/rc.local

echo 0 >/sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/ath9k/ani'

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Re: Wifi stops working

Post by tapper »

Pleas don't click on the link that lancoulson21
posted bad things will happen!
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