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Re: Router not accessible

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Well, it's a little bit late feedback, but I wanted to document the results.

The Gargoyle login issue described by me at Dec 31, 2013, was checked by Avast developers, and following conclusions were made (in early January 2014, but I forgot to write back here):

The root cause is in Gargoyle firmware. During login to the webgui, the Gargoyle webserver sends back incorrect/corrupt HTTP response.

This is the corrupt response by Gargoyle:

Code: Select all

HTTP/1.0 302 Found
Server: httpd_gargoyle/1.0 14mar2008
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 17:22:30 GMT
Expires: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 17:22:30 GMT
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

There are 2 problems in Gargoyle HTTP response:
- There is 2 HTTP headers inside one HTTP answer. In the one server response MUST NOT exists two HTTP version headers (HTTP/1.0 302, HTTP/1.1 301) - that is against RFC.
- In the end of response is missing CRLF (, section 2.2 Basic Rules)

As a result, Avast webshield (aswStreamFilter.dll 9.0.2011.265) marked the connection as non-HTTP traffic and then performed disconnect.

Avast however wrote a workaround in their aswStreamFilter.dll as a quick solution. The aswStreamFilter.dll later versions contain fix for this case so that Avast accepts that traffic during parsing response and the connection keeps alive. The aswStreamFilter.dll later versions (for example 9.0.2013.292) are working correctly with Gargoyle.

Note: My tests were done in Gargoyle 1.5.11. I don't know whether 1.6.0 made any change related to it.

Should this be reported to Gargoyle developers, and how?

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Re: Router not accessible

Post by schep87 »

I am experiencing a strange situation that I believe relates to this issue.

I am running a DNS and DHCP server on an access point.

In IE I can login to the router using the IP address fine, but if I use the hostname and enter a password, it reloads the page everytime.
Also, in IE, I cannot load other devices by hostname, but I can access them by using their IP address.

In chrome, I can login to the AP by using the hostname in the address bar and can access other devices by using their hostnames.

Any ideas on what IE could be doing differently than Chrome?

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Re: Router not accessible

Post by ispyisail »

what version of gargoyle?

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Re: Router not accessible

Post by schep87 »

The Gargoyle Version is 1.6.2

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Re: Router not accessible

Post by nworbnhoj »

I read that IE was voted the best browser to download another browser.

Sounds like IE weirdness to me.
Can you help someone else get Gargoyle up and running?
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Re: Router not accessible

Post by Lantis »

internet explorer won't even be included in the next version of windows it's getting a complete overhaul. Time to jump ship and find your favourite alternative.

That being said. The latest experimental version (1.7.x) uses a different web server which fixed a few strange behaviours. It may fix this too.
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Re: Router not accessible

Post by schep87 »

I found the problem --- UNDERSCORES!!! All my hostnames had underscores in them, I removed the underscores and now can access my pages in IE.

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