Wireless Access Point

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Wireless Access Point

Post by Phoebus »

How do I set up a Gargoyle router as an Wireless Access Point (an access point that is wired to a router/gateway).

Current config is
DNS disabled
Fixed IP (same as IP assigned by router/gateway for the device).
One of LAN ports wired to LAN port on router/gateway.
SSID and password for WiFi same as on the router/gateway.

Seems to work like this but wondering if there's anything else needs doing?

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Re: Wireless Access Point

Post by ispyisail »

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Re: Wireless Access Point

Post by esoxhntr »

gateway should be fine
fixed ip, (address assigned by router #1)
disable DHCP
ip address of router #1 for DNS
lan port to lan port wired connection

having the same SSID / pwd is optional but makes it easier to move about

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Re: Wireless Access Point

Post by gamesha »

ispyisail wrote:I use openwrt for this

Internet speed check

Urdu Point
Thanks Ispyisail for the link this is helpful resource

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