TP-WDR4300 Observation

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby tapper » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:57 pm

Hi BashfulBladder
are you saying that i should not use thos builds? cus that's what i have running on my wrt 160nl and it's seems fine.
Linksys WRT1900AC V2 Gargoyle 1.11
Linksys WRT3200ACM OpenWrt Snapshot

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby BashfulBladder » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:13 pm

If you want to run it & it works great for you, that's all well & good. No one is expected to update their firmware every other week.

There have been dozens of commits to Gargoyle since 9c5be4b (seen in your banner when you ssh in or on the overview page). Anybody can ascertain this information by extracting any image using binwalk (or manually searching for 'hsqs±') to save the squashfs partition to an external file & using ***-src/staging_dir/host/bin/unsquashfs4 which is build during a normal compile. You can access every file that will be put on the router.

Here are the commits between just before Gargoyle 1.5.11 & a 9c5be4b revision of Gargoyle:
    a117c18 2013-10-12 Add TP-Link WR841n v8 Gargoyle image
    2bcad6b 2013-10-10 set plugin-gargoyle-pptp to build as module
    65e18ef 2013-10-10 update postinst scripts to set menuname based on i18n, not just English default
    85dd625 2013-10-10 Add plugin PPTP
    b897fc8 2013-10-09 update coding style of ParseGHF_TranslationStrings function in gargoyle_header_footer to match coding style of rest of gargoyle_header_footer code
    e82762d 2013-10-09 if installed as plugin, language pack files will be symlinks, so gargoyle_header_footer needs to handle case where ghf.js is a symlink
    d01cbf7 2013-10-09 simplify change_menu_language call in We don't need to compute the language directory until the call to get_i18n_menuname, so don't bother
    34e6f8a 2013-10-08 small translations + an English js variable correction
    f23aed5 2013-10-08 makefile: add new DISTRIBUTION flag to gather image files, generate changelogs & licensing information.
    aa89bcd 2013-10-08 fix openwrt version so opkg.conf references 12.09, instead of 12.09.1 which doesn't exist
    43291b2 2013-10-08 build packages for horchata and demantoid themes
    89fcfad 2013-10-08 missed one line
    540a783 2013-10-07 add a few more newlines where needed
    be89a7d 2013-10-07 Add utility in dev-utils for bulk-formatting newlines and adding newline to end of files to comply with expected format for linux
    970d108 2013-10-07 Now that we have to handle UTF-8 for i18n support, use encodeURIComponent to encode parameters to AJAX calls
    0045e7c 2013-10-07 fix multi-profile i18n/L10n builds; accommodate non-ar71xx config profiles without commented out language settings
    d1a274d 2013-10-07 top-level makefile: bring i18n/L10n to 'make ALL'
    ca6b96f 2013-10-07 top-level makefile: 5th arg to is custom_template
    07189e4 2013-10-07 translation of additional files (plugins)
    167cfa5 2013-10-06 fix extroot plugin menuname
    1f54af5 2013-10-06 add missing line
    51c1180 2013-10-06 For some reason, someone disabled setting as default dynamic dns provider -- restore this old behavior and add comment saying this is NOT to be changed
    9b2f9a8 2013-10-06 i18n: add missing translations
    26840ad 2013-10-06 i18n: sorry, revert back, it is broke full menu translate. i18n-menu should be changed.
    403fa58 2013-10-06 i18n/Polish: typo
    68a4979 2013-10-05 In the i18n firstboot page, add a 'Select Language' header to the language section. The point of doing this is more for consistency than labeling. The word 'language' is already repeated on the right in many languages, but the header clearly separates the language section from the previous timezone section and makes the layout a bit more intuitive
    2ac70b8 2013-10-05 prune list of default ip lookup urls in ddns-gargoyle to remove those that are not working and implement a randomized user agent of common browsers so sites that block unkonwn user agents will let us run our queries
    de59592 2013-10-05 fix bugs caused by tor and openvpn firewall scripts not getting called because include sections do not have reload=1 set
    6cad363 2013-10-05 i18n/plugins: Simplified menu translation
    b831e3b 2013-10-05 i18n: fix - translate menu item
    f596165 2013-10-05 bump tor version
    9e8fed7 2013-10-05 get buttons working on dir 835
    4233493 2013-10-04 initial checkin
    9d6d3e0 2013-10-04 now that languages are present in the config files (commented out to not build), adapt to editing the config file in situ instead of appending at end
    01fbec5 2013-10-04 remove debug alert() statement
    1dfc793 2013-10-04 on dir835 set orange planet led to blink when WAN interface is in use
    3457949 2013-10-04 remove redundant haserl code in tor plugin
    244ed6b 2013-10-04 hide real mount points in minidlna plugin -- should be split into drive and folder relative to drive
    80b900c 2013-10-03 SimplifiedChinese: things I missed from cappie's translations + some abbreviation substitutions
    2fb4a49 2013-10-02 Some more Simplified Chinese translations ripped from this *huge* commit: ... 3138a4a523
    7c0bf73 2013-10-02 new routine to localize the strings in gargoyle_header_footer.c that get compiled in
    a07f611 2013-10-02 gargoyle_header_footer.c - save as UTF8
    5398e6b 2013-10-02 G in favicon should be dark blue, not black
    40093b7 2013-10-02 add plugin Services Manager
    cdcb1e6 2013-10-02 SimplifiedChineze: pull some menu names from translations provided
    2e0dc90 2013-10-01 updated the repository location of mjpg-streamer per the message returned from svn when attempting to checkout using the old repo URL. Previous repo URL: https://mjpg-streamer.svn.sourceforge.n ... -streamer/ New repo URL: ... g-streamer
    4c40343 2013-10-01 support a 3rd party plugin menuname with a hyphenated lang (ZH-CN)
    634d65c 2013-10-01 default theme favicon, since gargoyle_header_footer already supports it
    d7759df 2013-10-01 Add SimplifiedChinese-ZH-CN translations from user cappie on Gargoyle forums
    eced89d 2013-10-01 small fix for a language code with a hyphen. ZH-CN is Simplified Chinese whereas up to now it has been EN or ES (no hyphen)
    8c7faab 2013-10-01 i18n/Polish: spaces...
    fd9fb0a 2013-10-01 fix typo dropear => dropbear
    5032452 2013-10-01 some typo
    e642e8f 2013-09-30 fix an issue where 'make ar71xx' correctly set the i18n packages in only the first profile
    0e5a77b 2013-09-29 gargoyle_header_footer translations: add space before br tag; handy when CSS deletes the br tag
    a0f5236 2013-09-29 English ddns.js: missing space
    16111d3 2013-09-26 fix display of n+a band display on dual band routers in connection/basic
    12a7612 2013-09-24 more package configuration updates
    9845562 2013-09-24 set more packages, not just kernel modules, to build as modules in all target profiles
    89fb714 2013-09-23 update to dropbear-2013.58 (300&400 OpenWrt patches are incorporated)
    746cce2 2013-09-23 Add stock OpenWrt dropbear 2011.54
    94128d9 2013-09-23 separate package directories for each profile
    266306b 2013-09-23 add zlib1g-dev to list of packages required in debian to build openwrt
    240920e 2013-09-23 enable kernel modules that are configured in any subtarget to build as modules in all subtargets where they are not configured as built-in
    149a930 2013-09-23 patch build scripts so kernel module (kmod-* packages) are built with version dependent on kernel checksum. This eliminates problem of having kernel module packages with the same version but different dependencies, dependent on the kernel checksum
    433d0de 2013-09-22 allow timezone translations to be used in more than 1 page (i18n)
    9fe20da 2013-09-22 timezone names russian translation
    c845c9a 2013-09-22 Remove Thumbs.db
    f3a251d 2013-09-22 i18n/Polish: add timezone translations
    94e8a56 2013-09-21 in gpkg, always set satisfiable to true if a package is already installed, even if there is something weird with its dependencies. This state should never exist, but we don't live in a perfect world, so better to err on the side of saying an installed package is ok, vs problematic
    5062274 2013-09-21 more fixes for package versioning
    3ddada7 2013-09-21 i18n: add missing translations
    fc0d5a7 2013-09-20 update gpkg, so depends_satisfiable does take into account 'hold' when loaded
    ebdd04f 2013-09-20 in gpkg, depends_satisfiable no longer depends on hold status, the case of conflict there is dealt with in install.c
    d3df668 2013-09-17 support 12 hour formats in login, overview & time pages
    0f82169 2013-09-17 i18n/upnp: typo, gui requires KBytes/s.
    35bbb27 2013-09-17 i18n: add missing translations
    dc395a1 2013-09-15 allow translations for time zones in drop down menu in by carrying a short in the quoted text for the menu options. The field is split, parsed & evaluated as a javascript object, yielding the value.
    bbb053a 2013-09-15 i18n/plugin usb-storage: add missing translations
    25b0c86 2013-09-15 miniupnpd: fix version number
    114d6c5 2013-09-15 i18n: port forwarding: remove unnecessary translation
    8ba966a 2013-09-15 i18n/Polish: typo
    717c694 2013-09-15 i18n: translate UPnP units
    eaaa9c9 2013-09-15 i18n/Polish: remove unnecessary string
    924dc2d 2013-09-15 i18n/Polish: change package description
    fd3674c 2013-09-14 i18n/Polish: typo
    8b5091e 2013-09-14 allow building of gargoyle_header_footer without i18n portions using preprocessor directive
    50846f6 2013-09-14 gargoyle.header.footer.c: fix which default strings are where (device name & description); use preprocessor directives to build/not build i18n portions to reduce binary size; transition printing of translation files from snprintf to dynamic_strcat (which saves a few dozen bytes)
    ee3f428 2013-09-13 error corrections and translation improvements
    fdbcde1 2013-09-13 i18n/Polish: typo
    045bd06 2013-09-13 lost this file
    e1b5766 2013-09-13 i18n: add missing translations
    8f6fd12 2013-09-13 i18n/Polish: add translation
    3f48e95 2013-09-13 update russian translation
    8d16eb5 2013-09-13 small fixes to skip false positives with the new gargoyle_header_footer & not include trailing comments when doing substitution
    828fb9c 2013-09-13 svg_bandwidth.js: bad copy&paste
    3fc6927 2013-09-13 gargoyle_header_footer: externalize strings for translation
    301af75 2013-09-12 bandwitdh SVG graphic: allow translations for digital units (MBytes) & time (day, hr). Accomplished not carrying the 'UI' (strings.js) object through the javascript for the graphic
    b0451a5 2013-09-12 i18n/Polish: typo
    b8bfe25 2013-09-12 Updated
    0c15d8c 2013-09-12 Revert " spits out a (ahem, somewhat non-conforming) HTML file for each package of scraped licenses, scraped copyrights & binary distribution clauses (preset for up to 10 of each). Generates a 500k+ file for ar71xx.usb."
    103d008 2013-09-12 spits out a (ahem, somewhat non-conforming) HTML file for each package of scraped licenses, scraped copyrights & binary distribution clauses (preset for up to 10 of each). Generates a 500k+ file for ar71xx.usb.
    d67008b 2013-09-11 externalize & translate "connected"
    5a2d5d5 2013-09-11 add russian translation. first version.
    211f336 2013-09-10 switch spacing on parseBytes delete developmental alert
    fe43dee 2013-09-10 common.js: parseBytes skips space when abbreviated
    577e339 2013-09-09 transition to externalizing digital informational units (bytes, GBytes) for translation
    54ac21d 2013-09-09 switch over to /usr/bin/i18n symlinked to haserl-i18n binary for shell-based translation lookups
    56cc19c 2013-09-09 Spanish: add new translation + small capitalization fix
    035866c 2013-09-08 i18n/Polish: typo
    b81657b 2013-09-08 i18n: fix'
    c6a1301 2013-09-08 i18n: translate 'time format'
    a1bfb57 2013-09-08 i18n/Polish: time - add missing translation
    683a30a 2013-09-08 fix installing packages from file (again)
    0b3d61b 2013-09-04 haserl-i18n: when invoked with 'i18n', trigger translation lookup of a haserl token style variable. Examples: i18n SaveChanges i18n time.EU i18n openvpn.CClnt
    380cfe2 2013-09-02 new script to easily find missing translations between 2 languages
    e14b357 2013-09-02 Spanish: updated translations for new strings
    93ba926 2013-09-02 quotas_template & implement shell-based 12h/24h formats
    8f2e27a 2013-09-02 & /usr/bin/i18n - modify to return a "" value given an extra flag (pre/post-AM/PM support) allow a valid ''' property; /usr/bin/i18n shell script lookup missed moving to new directory structure
    37add6e 2013-09-02 & time.js: add new option to select time format (12h/24h) + uci variable update copyright date
    e3ec804 2013-09-02 update build thread comment text in as well as
    3636a4e 2013-09-02 multi-threaded builds seem to work again
    dc48440 2013-09-02 Spanish: correct translations
    5a2ea99 2013-09-02 bump openwrt to latest, includes more ath9k fixes
    11ea6f7 2013-08-31 i18n: prevent error pkg_info not defined (if not wan connected); always shows installed language pack.
    65ee215 2013-08-30 i18n/Polish: add space to happy; missing semicolon
    4c4dd9c 2013-08-30 i18n/login.js: include proper language file, even no hooks defined
    9486d55 2013-08-30 i18n/themes: translate new menu entry after addition
    f5e3386 2013-08-30 i18n: add time translation
    1d4683b 2013-08-26 plugin wifi-schedule: coloring wlan status
    e22c59b 2013-08-26 i18n/plugin wifi-schedule: add missing translate
    7d1b73e 2013-08-26 i18n: hunt for word order
    5d72865 2013-08-26 i18n/plugin wifi-schedule: translation maybe depend on language, don't use generic words.
    5e4b5f0 2013-08-25 i18n/dhcp: add missing translation.
    2765868 2013-08-25 typ
    b00a0f0 2013-08-25 i18n: 'B only' is not used, is replaced by 'B' in basic.js
    de2ca39 2013-08-25 i18n: hunt for word order
    673e169 2013-08-25 i18n/Polish: fixes
    48bf724 2013-08-24 i18n/Polish: fixes
    7b3e8bf 2013-08-24 i18n/Polish: BW fixes
    15284f3 2013-08-24 Bandwidth: add missing translation
    533ea1d 2013-08-24 i18n/Polish: more fixes
    0adabc9 2013-08-24 i18n: fix missing translation in bandwidth.js. Without this, no charts on
    43fc37c 2013-08-24 basic: add translation for modem 3G
    a68e487 2013-08-24 oveview: move shell code from html to script section
    732f92d 2013-08-24 support 12hr/24hr time format
    911b51f 2013-08-23 quotas_template: allow changing time format (12hr or 24hr)
    7ad4f8c 2013-08-23 remove some debug lines from gpkg
    6be878f 2013-08-23 i18n/Polish: fixes
    0dfb5ec 2013-08-23 some work on getting gpkg to pick the right version of package to install -- if latest package can't be installed it should default to older one that can be installed
    11a9170 2013-08-23 i18n: add Polish package
    b81ffbd 2013-08-23 add a comment about 'Success' String in openvpn.js -- it is internal and should not be translated
    b775ae8 2013-08-23 ooops/
    03b1517 2013-08-23 Fix after i18n, add lost ddns
    ed56b19 2013-08-23 Add Please wait, compatible with the new i18n format
    1418710 2013-08-22 for localized firmware, build the right haserl
    5cf94b6 2013-08-22 remove (now unused) haserl i18n patch. patch incorporated into haserl-i18n package
    f539ff7 2013-08-22 scrape the new package-prepare directory for missed translation keys
    692f38e 2013-08-22 fix another i18n error in openvpn, again pointed out by obsy
    3198ca2 2013-08-22 haserl-i18n: allow a language to skip entire pages, relying instead on the fallback_lang to provide all strings.
    2585b9d 2013-08-22 fix bug in openvpn i18n pointed out by obsy
    1e12544 2013-08-22 fix, update based on new work on i18n firstboot page
    f24fd65 2013-08-22 use smaller font size for language text to match rest of firstboot page
    87732a0 2013-08-22 don't die if a translation file is missing, just automatically switch to fallback language
    551cbc8 2013-08-21 some fixes for i18n build scripts
    25564a7 2013-08-21 switch to local version of haserl, haserl-i18n. this distinguishes package from other versions of haserl so someone doesn't accidentally install default openwrt version of haserl which won't work
    fa7b873 2013-08-21 more work on firstboot page
    8f75ab0 2013-08-21 revert: set executable bits on csv files.
    5f1386a 2013-08-20 move execute function to common.js, more work on i18n firstboot
    ab718a3 2013-08-20 don't generate anything other than the lang table in firstboot in javascript
    90d7a85 2013-08-20 some work towards revamping i18n firstboot screen
    f21caa3 2013-08-20 explicitly overwrite with i18n instead of relying on package install order during build process
    a7b999d 2013-08-19 Add general licenses for software used by Gargoyle. Add script to scrape $target-src for copyright statements containing binary distribution clauses
    ccd0c9f 2013-08-16 firewall: fix dmz rule after firewall update
    ddfa5be 2013-08-14 set options in config file to build packages in parallel
    8fe54f6 2013-08-14 remove swap file accidentally added
    b177c40 2013-08-14 rename plugin-gargoyle-i18n to gargoyle-i18n -- The language packs can be plugins but if you try to install this package as a plugin it will end badly on a system that is localized and not internationalized since the translation of the base files will not be possible. Therefore this should be a core package and not a plugin.
    6694633 2013-08-14 update with changes from
    88c3747 2013-08-14 don't pass -j 1 anymore, just let make build with openwrt presets
    f29c43f 2013-08-14 fix js compress with new package prepare directory
    f614b06 2013-08-13 specify package_dir absolute path
    d555476 2013-08-13 move dev-utils/accessibility to i18n-scripts, dev-utils is for utils not used as part of the build, but useful for development. Also, accessibility typically refers to allowing handicapped/blind/deaf to use a web page, not internationalization and localization. Therefore move this code to il8n-scripts directory which is more accurate
    7e9ebaa 2013-08-13 update to copy files from package-prepare to target package directory
    e7f9b38 2013-08-13 set i18n code to modify packages in packages-prepare instead of packages dir
    236f69c 2013-08-13 fix merge error in 'Package/plugin-gargoyle-tor
    241bca3 2013-08-13 Add 'make custom' support for Gargoyle package requirements surviving menuconfig by pre-setting the target before menuconfig (which ignores the pre--configured packages when you change Target).
    9c5be4b 2013-08-13 firewall: fix new line
TP-Link WDR3600 v1.1 running 1.5.10+ L10n-English (Built 20130922 - OpenWrt r38093)
TP-Link WDR4300 running 1.5.10+ i18n-English (Built 20131010 - OpenWrt r38286)

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby HomeBrewAdmin » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:35 pm

Hi BashfulBladder,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I will try updating to v1.5.11 (wasn't aware of the update) and lowering the power level. I located quiet channel space using WIFI Analyser on my Android phone.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again.

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby tapper » Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:13 am

Hi BashfulBladder, i am sorry i dont get what you meen there is a lot of changes there. I no that people dont want to update all the time but if people have bugs then it's is a good thing surely!
Wen i log in it says
Device Name:tappersAP
Gargoyle Version:1.5.X (Built 20131012-2132 git@9c5be4b)
Model:Linksys WRT160NL
Device Configuration:Gateway
Linksys WRT1900AC V2 Gargoyle 1.11
Linksys WRT3200ACM OpenWrt Snapshot

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby BashfulBladder » Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:44 am

If you find bugs - they may be solved by updating. Don't be under some utopian illusion - sometimes bugs are introduced too.

Take internationalization that is introduced in Gargoyle 1.5.11. Part of the core of it is written in C, hasn't had bugs in weeks & has only been extended. But there are an array of parts to getting it all working. Some shell scripts to support internationalization have had bugs squashed just yesterday. Before, some menus were forcibly in English. The bug caused some menus to become blank. That bug wasn't 'a good thing' even though it was newer.
TP-Link WDR3600 v1.1 running 1.5.10+ L10n-English (Built 20130922 - OpenWrt r38093)
TP-Link WDR4300 running 1.5.10+ i18n-English (Built 20131010 - OpenWrt r38286)

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby tapper » Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:14 am

Yes mate you are rite! I thort you ment Gargoyle 1.5.10 and not Gargoyle 1.5.11 lol #faceparm
Linksys WRT1900AC V2 Gargoyle 1.11
Linksys WRT3200ACM OpenWrt Snapshot

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby HomeBrewAdmin » Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:49 am

Hi All,

I found the problem with my router. Recall that it is a WDR4300 bridged to a Thomson TG587. I observed the WDR4300 to boot then reset after a few minutes.

I tried:
    removing the WAN cable
    turning off wireless

Then I guessed that the NVRAM may have been trashed. so I put the modem into recovery mode and executed a 'firstboot'

Re-configuring the modem (with power turned down) has yielded a day of peace so far (no complaints from wife or son :^)

I'll wait for a while before moving to 1.5.11.... see if 1.5.10 remains stable for a while.


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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby omiez » Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:45 am

I want to try upgrade from 1.5.10 to .11.

Can i use preserve settings?

I changed something in the wireless config file to reach 300megabit in Wireless, must i redo this config?

Thank you

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby BashfulBladder » Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:49 pm

Going from 1.5.10 to 1.5.11, you can choose to preserve settings & they should be preserved.

As for the wireless config (I'm guessing the noscan thing), that should be preserved as well.
TP-Link WDR3600 v1.1 running 1.5.10+ L10n-English (Built 20130922 - OpenWrt r38093)
TP-Link WDR4300 running 1.5.10+ i18n-English (Built 20131010 - OpenWrt r38286)

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Re: TP-WDR4300 Observation

Postby HomeBrewAdmin » Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:12 pm


The wireless performance was good for a day or two - everyone could connect and range was acceptable. Unfortunately it has gone awry again with Android devices devices reporting 'Authentication Error' when attempting to connect with correct credentials. Devices that do connect have poor range.

Looks like it might be time to try 1.5.11.

If that fails then an alternative plan would be to turn off the WDR4300 wireless (shame) and use the wireless on the old TG587 modem-router that's currently running in bridge mode.

I guess I would need to route the wireless traffic from the TG587 to the WDR4300 so that the quota management works. What's the best way to do this?

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