Bridge / port forwarding problem

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Bridge / port forwarding problem

Post by throughwalls »

I have a cisco VOIP ATA ("A") which works well, with two ports 5060/5061 forwarded through the main gargoyle router ("X") from the internet.

I have now had to move the ATA to a place cables can't go. I've configured second gargoyle router ("B") as "Wireless Bridge/Repeater", into which I plug the ATA.

In this new bridged situation, the phone can make outgoing calls, and will ring for incoming calls, but I am unable to answer the ringing phone. The call eventually rolls to voice mail.

I suspect router port forwarding is somehow not working for the bridged ATA.

Are port forwarding events logged on the router "X"? It would be nice to watch that in action for the incoming call.

Everything worked fine before I installed the bridge. No configuration has changed on the ATA or main router "X".

Any ideas?


(0) The bridge "B" seems to work fine and has good connectivity.
(1) The ATA is being assigned it's normal reserved DHCP address by the main router "X", and is on the same subnet as before.
(2) I can connect to the gargoyle "B" web gui from the LAN, and all is fine.
(3) I can connect to the ATA "A" web gui from the LAN, and all is fine.
(4) I can make outgoing calls using the ATA, and the phone rings when I call the ATA from the internet.
(5) NMAP shows port 5060 on the ATA is open, as intended. Interestingly the MAC address shown is that of Bridge "B" instead of the ATA "A" (but as mentioned in (1) the ATA is assigned its normal reserved DHCP address).

Code: Select all

base:~ $ nmap -sU -sS 192.168.kkk.lll

Starting Nmap 6.47 ( ) at 2018-01-04 22:11 +08
Nmap scan report for [...]
Host is up (0.0040s latency).
Not shown: 1998 closed ports
80/tcp   open          http
5060/udp open|filtered sip
MAC Address: 60:E3:xx:yy:zz:qq (Tp-link Technologies Co.)

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 996.27 seconds

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Re: Bridge / port forwarding problem

Post by Rog66 »

until I switched to a Gigaset setup I used to find almost any change to my network configuration would upset my ATAs.

Have you tried the suggestion in this link ?


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