2.4GHz wifi speed ???

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2.4GHz wifi speed ???

Post by Rooster »

Im getting 50mbs on 2.4..... this is on a 100mbs cable modem into my Gargoyle router - can I improve on this please ?

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Re: 2.4GHz wifi speed ???

Post by Lantis »

Using what settings, on what router? And what speed does Gargoyle report the client is synced at?
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Re: 2.4GHz wifi speed ???

Post by ispyisail »

CPU load?


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Re: 2.4GHz wifi speed ???

Post by tapper »

Not just CPU load but QOS? Addblock? 40 GHZ? other devices? Router ontop of a microwave? DFS? House made of metal? :-) Wi-fi is hard to get the best of.
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