WiFi printer on Guest network - not connecting

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WiFi printer on Guest network - not connecting

Post by Jahf »

Here's my basic setup:

* Main 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi used by home residents
* Guest network, different SSID, used by guests
* Printer connected to guest wifi
* Isolation disabled on all WiFi

In my DD-WRT setup this worked without tweaking. However that image blew itself to bits after about a year (Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 running one of the first images for that router).

With Gargoyle 1.9.2 I can successfully print from my PC via wire OR main wifi if the printer (Brother MFC-485DW) is connected to the main wifi. However if I put the printer on the Guest wifi, even without isolation (rebooted to confirm), I can't see it at all even if I uninstall the printer driver and reinstall fresh, nor does putting in the IP address seem to work.

Additionally, having my PC on the guest network but the printer on the main network doesn't allow me to see it, either. I was hoping since I could see it wired->main wifi that guest wifi -> main wifi would work).

Given we got the printer purely at guest request (we do some AirBnB, I keep my life pretty much 100% digital), I really need to get the printer on the same network. I could put all of the guests on a "main" wifi network and use the guest network for my own devices, but that makes other forms of internal sharing a problem.

I don't mind if I need to log in to the shell to execute some commands. I'm linux capable but only conceptual on networking commands :)

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

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Re: WiFi printer on Guest network - not connecting

Post by Lantis »

There is a slight misunderstanding of the settings here:
- isolation: used to isolate wifi clients from each other
- guest network: always isolated from the rest of the LAN

If the guests not being isolated from the LAN is not important to you, then modifying the wireless config to remove (or set 0) "is_guest_network" and then restarting the network is probably the easiest way forward.

This may cause the connection basic page to behave erratically, and any further changes on this page would overwrite these changes.
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Re: WiFi printer on Guest network - not connecting

Post by Rooster »

Think of guest and main as separate networks, only each can access the wan port (Internet)

Isolation stops each wifi user from seeing each others files or shares.

Do you want guests to use your printer ? If not, move it to the main WiFi.

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