Wireless Bridge Repeater Questions

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Wireless Bridge Repeater Questions

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A week ago I have 2 Gargoyle loaded devices: a Linksys WRT1900acs as my main router and a WRT3200acm as a wifi bridge/repeater.
As a covid project I decided to rework the home network. I fired up an Opnsense router machine, got an old dell managed switch, the old main router (WRT 1900acs) became a dedicated AP, and the WRT3200acm remained a wireless bridge repeater. However since the change the repeater has been acting up a little bit...mostly dropping internet (though not signal).
I know I have added a lot of new equipment, but as the rest of the network seems solid I thought I would start by making sure I was configuring the repeater correctly.

In the old config, the AP/Router/Main gateway was the WRT1900. Not that that is just a dedicated AP should the AP/gateway ip in the repater setup be the wrt1900 or the main router/gateway (the opnsense box). Similar question with the DNS server is it typically more stable to use the gateway as the dns or use a custom one (

The thing is that I have tried it all the ways and I can still connect so it may be a mute point, but any insight into best practices would be helpful.


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Re: Wireless Bridge Repeater Questions

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I would have thought the AP/Gateway IP should be set to the main router in that scenario. I've never tried it though, and would be good to hear your feedback.

DNS should be fine to leave as is, but setting will work as well of course.
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