Stopped establishing WiFi network

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Stopped establishing WiFi network

Post by matteo2u »

Hi guys,

I have been running v1.10 for over a year on a Linksys WRT1900ACS. It’s been working great with the exception of about once a month needing to reboot.

The router has all of a sudden stopped producing a WiFi signal/network that can be joined. I can cycle-reboot the router using the hardware switch on the back, but it will sometimes reestablish connection to the internet from the modem, sometimes not. And one time was able to reestablish the WiFi signal (indicates by lights on the front of the router) but most recently, a number of attempts have failed.

Any idea what’s going on? The router currently resides in a room undergoing some renovation, but only a small amount of drywall dust has made it under the plastic sheet covering it. My next step is to hardwire into it via one of the 4 rear ports, but wanted to know if anyone has seen this before.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Stopped establishing WiFi network

Post by Lantis »

Are you aware that your device has a dual firmware, and that multiple restarts may trigger it to boot into the alternate partition?

If one partition has a valid config, and the other doesn't, this could explain the seemingly random lack of wifi on reboot. Several reboots later it works again because you've triggered it (unknowingly) to revert back again.

Food for thought. for the latest releases
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