Wireless Bridge/Repeater

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Re: Wireless Bridge/Repeater

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They are still handed out as requested
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Re: Wireless Bridge/Repeater

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My wireless bridge/repeater is working fine after following the directions from this forum :lol: I was able to successfully bridge my LAN with three W-LAN clients (TP-link) & one AP (Archer C7 V5) covering a 3000 Sq Ft house and extends to parts of the anterior & back yard. Stats: W-LAN clients (2.4 ghz)= avg internet speed = 25 MB/S; AP ( 2.4ghz) = 56MB/S; AP (5 ghz) = 106MB/S. I have learned a lot from this forum. I have graduated from a newbie to an advanced beginner since following this forum. Hence, I'm forever grateful. I have a question that is nagging me. How does the LAN port or the bridge IP work? For example, I ping one of the W-LAN clients from the LAN side of the network. What roll does the LAN port/Bridge Ip play? Will the LAN communicate with the W-LAN clients if the LAN port is omitted in the network or if no subnet differentiation? I'm thinking in this example, the AP receives the PING signal; funnels it through the LAN port, then converts it wirelessly to the W-LAN client. The opposite happens when the acknowledgement of the ping returns to LAN side from the W-LAN client. Is this correct? Keep up the good work. This place provides awesome information :lol: :mrgreen: :D

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