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TP-Link Routers

<alertbox> WARNING: This document may contain errors which may result in damage to your router. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. </alertbox>


Installation of Gargoyle on selected TP-Link routers is straight-forward:

  1. Download the correct firmware image.
  2. Upload the firmware image to your router and apply.
  3. Login to your router and configure Gargoyle

If you run into trouble, then ask a question at the forum or read failsafe_mode_recovery

Gargoyle is built on top of OpenWRT but the wealth of technical information and alternatives are generally not required to use Gargoyle.

The TP-Link TL-WR1043ND1) is a very popular Gargoyle router due price and the hardware feature set.

基本 RGB
基本 RGB

Download firmware

Go to the Download page and select
Download: Firmware images
Architecture: Atheros AR71XX
Branch: 1.6 (stable)
Version: 1.6.2

:!: To replace the original TP-LINK firmware select the factory.bin download.

TP-WR1043ND-V1.X OpenWRT
TP-WR1043ND-V2.X OpenWRT
TP-WDR3600-V1.X OpenWRT

:!: To upgrade Gargoyle or OpenWRT firmware select the sysupgrade.bin download.


:!: Do not unplug the power supply during upgrade. :!:

Open TP-Link config logo1.jpglogo3.jpg
Select System Tools

Select Firmware Upgrade
Browse firmware-image

Click upgrade

:-? If you get the error message “please choose a file to upgrade”, then rename the firmware file to something shorter (i.e. “gargoyle.bin”) and upload it again.

  • Wait about 5 minutes then you should be able to connect to
  • If after 5 minutes is unresponsive first reboot your PC and try again.
  • If after 20 minutes is unresponsive you may reboot both PC and router.

Revert Back Original Firmware

The hardest part to reverting back to the original firmware is finding a suitable file. You can not use the firmware from TP-Link without a file modification.

Luckily somebody has done the work for us

The TL-WR1043ND v1.x does not deliver enough power for most USB 3G modems. See OpenWRT for details
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