Gargoyle Theme Manager


The “Dark One” Theme and the Xeye theme by arteq have now both been added to the repo in both the 1.4 and the master branch.


I will add a plugin manager at some point (have been planning to do this for a while), but the best way to get the themes now is to install them via opkg. If you ssh into the router and run:

opkg update
opkg list | grep "gargoyle.*theme"

You'll get a list of gargoyle themes you can install:

plugin-gargoyle-green-theme - 1.4.0-1 - Green Theme for Gargoyle
plugin-gargoyle-light-theme - 1.4.0-1 - Light Theme for Gargoyle
plugin-gargoyle-theme-by-matei - 1.4.0-1 - Theme by Matei for Gargoyle

Then, for example (after running opkg update as above) this will install the green theme:

opkg install plugin-gargoyle-light-theme

Note that while the two new themes (Dark One, Xeye) are in the code repo, they aren't currently in the package repository yet. The package repository will be updated with these themes after the next release.

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