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====== Extending RAM via file SWAP ====== {{INLINETOC 2 4 }} ===== Introduction ===== There are some applications and network situations that may require the need for more RAM, like DLNA file indexing, Tor or disk checks. There are a couple of options of upgrading RAM, via soldering or using a SWAP partition on a USB thumb drive. This how-to describes installing SWAP on a USB thumb drive. This method is a bit slower but also more convenient. Your router will need a USB port like the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v1-1.8 The SWAP partition should automatically mount after plugging the right media into router USB port. You may need to reboot your router or run example <shell> mkswap /dev/sda2 </shell> change //sda2// to suite your SWAP partition ==== Tor ==== If the SWAP partition provides enough memory Tor will be enabled. If Tor is enabled without enough memory the router crashes. ===== Setup ===== Select a suitable USB pen/thumb/memory-stick drive. The USB drive needs to be formatted with a Linux SWAP partition and I would suggest he rest of the drive formatted FAT32 for data storage. There are a few software format options * Gparted (GUI) * Acronis Disk director (GUI) * Native linux - Fdisk (CLI) ==== Acronis Disk director ==== Formatting USB drive using Acronis Disk director In this example with a 4Gig pen drive all partitions were wiped first {{:swap1.png|}} Create a new volume {{:swap2.png|}} Select free space {{:swap3.png|}} Enter required volume size and select Linux swap {{:swap4.png|}} Swap partition now created {{:swap5.png|}} With the remainder of the disk format Fat32 for file storage {{:swap6.png|}} {{:swap7.png|}} Commit changes {{:swap8.png|}} {{:swap9.png|}} Disk formatted and ready to use {{:swap10.png|}} plug your USB drive in and it should auto load {{:swap11.png|}}

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