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Access Restrictions

How To Add A Restriction

In this example, the router will block youtube from -

* Visit Firewall → Restrictions.

* Name your new rule (here its 'youtube')

* Enter the IP address range (text will be red if incomplete or invalid; black when valid)

* Click the 'Add' button next to the IP address or range (A new table is added to the webpage)

* Deselect the 'All Network Accesss' checkbox which reveals a number of drop down menus.

* Under Website URL(s), select 'Block Only'

* Select 'Domain contains' and enter 'youtube'

8. Click the 'Add' button next to 'youtube' & a new table will be added to the page

* Click on the 'Add Rule' button to signify you are done editing the rule

* The rule has been successfully entered when the name is in the table under 'Current Restrictions'.

* Once you done will all your rules, click on the 'Save Changes' button on the bottom of the page. It will take awhile for the firewall to be updated & the UI become responsive again.


connections through the router may be temporarily disrupted during the firewall update process, so don't try an OTA firmware update of your iPhone.

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