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 ==== Quota Resets ==== ==== Quota Resets ====
 +Whether the quota resets to zero usage every hour, every day, every week or every month.
 ==== Reset Day ==== ==== Reset Day ====
 +The day of the month (or week, if quota resets weekly) that the quota should reset.
 ==== Reset Hour ==== ==== Reset Hour ====
 +The hour of the day the quota should reset.
 ==== Quota Is Active ==== ==== Quota Is Active ====
-==== When Exceeded ==== +The times of the day/week when the quota is active. ​ By default, the quota is always active.
 +==== When Exceeded ====
 +This option specifies what to happen when quota is exceeded. ​ By default, when quota is reached, the router will **Shut Down all Internet Access**. ​ Alternately,​ you can choose to **Throttle Bandwidth** when the quota is reached. ​ If you choose to throttle bandwidth two more controls will become visible, so you can specify the maximum upload/​download speed when the quota is exceeded.
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