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====== OpenVPN Configuring client-specific rules and access policies ====== ===== Introduction ===== Gargoyle by default uses the same OpenVPN server rules for all VPN clients. For custom per client rules we need to manually edit files in the "ccd" folder. Each time a new client is added via the GUI a config file with the same name is created in the ccd folder. Edit the config file via SSH through putty, WinSCP or other SSH client. Client Configuration Directory /etc/openvpn/ccd/ Specific Client Configuration File /etc/openvpn/ccd/livestream Example Configuration ifconfig-push iroute push "route" push "redirect-gateway def1" In this example (push "redirect-gateway def1") has been added so all VPN traffic is routed through the VPN server. Example options push "redirect-gateway def1" # all VPN traffic is routed through the VPN server push "dhcp-option DNS" # Change this to your router's LAN IP Address

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