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Failsafe Mode, Factory Reset, and Recovery Mode

Gargoyle (Basic)

Factory Reset

With the Gargoyle router fully powered up (boot sequence finished) hold the router “reset” button for 10 seconds to enable router reset. Wait around 2 minutes for the process to finish. Don't interrupt the router while the process is taking place.

Note: The button hold time is officially between 3 and 90 seconds

Gargoyle/OpenWrt (Advanced)

Gargoyle/OpenWrt offers several ways to “start over” with your router.

Failsafe Mode

  • Failsafe Mode is useful if you have lost control of your device, and it has become inaccessible, perhaps through a configuration error. It allows you to reboot the router into a basic operating state, retaining all your packages and (most) settings. (see Failsafe Mode)

Factory Reset

  • Factory Reset erases all your packages and settings, returning the router to its initial state after installing OpenWrt. (see Factory Reset)

Recovery Mode

  • Recovery Mode allows you to install new firmware on a router that has become corrupted. (see Recovery Mode)
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