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 ===== Failsafe recovery via telnet ===== ===== Failsafe recovery via telnet =====
 This procedure assumes that: This procedure assumes that:
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 NOTE: Unplug all external drives from the router or they will be erased by the firstboot process. NOTE: Unplug all external drives from the router or they will be erased by the firstboot process.
 +Firmware recovery changed with 1.10.x
 +    - Use SSH not Telnet for recovery
 +    - Use “firstboot -y” instead of “firstboot”
 +Procedure for 1.10.x and above
 +To recover:
 +  - Install [[http://​www.wireshark.org|Wireshark]] on your computer.
 +  - Configure your computer with static IP
 +  - Connect your computer to a LAN port on the router.
 +  - Start Wireshark and monitor the LAN connection.
 +  - Powerup your router, when wireshark shows the first packet from immediately press and hold the reset button on the back of the router for three seconds.
 +  - Router power LED should be flashing quickly. (Failsafe mode)
 +  - SSH via putty to "​"​
 +  - at the Gargoyle prompt type ''​firstboot''​
 +  - __wait__ until the command prompt returns
 +  - power cycle the router.
 +The router which should now come up in its default Gargoyle configuration and you will be able to [[getting_started|get started]] again.
 +Procedure for any firmware below 1.10.x
 To recover: To recover:
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