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 **<fs 90%>​[[changelog#​Changelog]]</​fs>​** **<fs 90%>​[[changelog#​Changelog]]</​fs>​**
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.8.x#​v1.8.1 (Mon Nov 9, 2015)|1.8.1]]</​fs>​ ''​barrier_breaker 14.07 SVN r46817''​
   * <fs 80%>​[[1.8.x#​v1.8.0 (Fri Aug 21, 2015)|1.8.0]]</​fs>​ ''​barrier_breaker 14.07 SVN r46287''​   * <fs 80%>​[[1.8.x#​v1.8.0 (Fri Aug 21, 2015)|1.8.0]]</​fs>​ ''​barrier_breaker 14.07 SVN r46287''​
 +==== v1.8.1 (Mon Nov 9, 2015) ====
 +Bugfix release after the 1.8.0 version.
 +New in 1.8.1:
 +Fixes a problem with resetting router to default settings
 +Fixes hardware modes on wireless N routers
 +No longer disable ani, as it seems to hurt wireless performance
 +Fix an issue  with the wifi button functioning as a reset button on wr1043nd v2 routers
 +Other assorted bug fixes
 ==== v1.8.0 (Fri Aug 21, 2015) ==== ==== v1.8.0 (Fri Aug 21, 2015) ====
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