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====== Gargoyle 1.7.x Series ====== **<fs 90%>[[1.7.x#Changelog]]</fs>** * <fs 80%>[[1.7.x#v1.7.2 (Sat Jul 18, 2015)|1.7.2]]</fs> ''barrier_breaker 14.07'' * <fs 80%>[[1.7.x#v1.7.1 (Sat Feb 28, 2015)|1.7.1]]</fs> ''barrier_breaker 14.07 SVN r44441'' * <fs 80%>[[1.7.x#v1.7.0 (Mon Jan 05, 2015)|1.7.0]]</fs> ''barrier_breaker 14.07 '' ==== v1.7.2 (Sat Jul 18, 2015) ==== New in 1.7.2: ath10k wireless driver added for models that require it, allows full Dual Band performance on TP-Link Archer c7 router New Adblock plugin created by forum user Lantis New email plugin (both ssl and smaller non-ssl versions), created by forum user dpint. Note that this plugin currently lacks i18n support, it is only in English. Switched main http server on router from old minihttpd based solution to more modern uhttpd now included in OpenWRT -- should address some redirect errors people have been reporting for a while Fixes installing tor support as a plugin Fixes issue that can cause plugin installation to fail when installing plugins after a firmware upgrade when settings were preserved Fixes problem with properly handling several dynamic DNS providers due to lack of sha1sum utility Fixes problem that caused OpenVPN firewall script to not be called properly Fixes problem displaying OpenVPN clients when running OpenVPN server (thanks to user ifedorenko) Added new Dynamic DNS Provider (thanks to ispyisail) Fixes miniupnpd so >4G bandwidth doesn't zero out counters Fixes issue that can cause system time to not be set properly Fix some issues in minidlna plugin that prevent minidlna from properly updating data on available media Status page in D-Link DIR-835 router now shows ethernet port speed/status in the System/Overview section Fixes WPA Enterprise AP Authentication with external RADIUS server Several fixes to handle QMI 3G modems properly OpenWRT version updated to include latest fixes in Barrier Breaker ==== v1.7.1 (Sat Feb 28, 2015) ==== One of the most-requested features for a while has been support for a Guest Wireless Network. This feature is now implemented in 1.7.1. Two important limitations exist with this feature, as currently implemented in 1.7.1: (1) Unlike some implementations of this feature, there isn't a separate subnet defined for the guest network, the hosts are isolated using ebtables rules instead of using a separate subnet which means that the guest network shares the same range of IP addresses as the primary access point. The downside to this is that you can't match only guest-network IPs very easily with quotas/qos etc. Further releases will implement ways to match only the guest network in the Quotas and QoS sections but for now this is not possible. (2) I don't recommend trying to use ap+client mode if you're going to enable the guest network. My experience is that it will work for a while and then become very unstable. I will investigate to see if there is a way to fix this, but I may disable enabling the guest network altogether when in ap+client mode. In addition to guest network support, there are numerous bugfixes in this release, for issues identified in 1.7.0. Most of the minor (and one or two more major issues) that were identified after moving to the Barrier Breaker branch of OpenWRT have now been addressed. New in 1.7.1: Guest Network Support Support for WAN connection via QMI Fixes several bugs preventing OpenVPN from working properly Fixes display of second 5GHz band SSID on Status/Overview page of dual band routers Fixes USB Printer Support Fixes Button Handlers Fixes 3G support by fixing test to determine whether 3G device exists Fixes issue with restarting minidlna Add ddns provider Fixes issue with throttling hosts exceeding quotas being assigned the wrong QoS class ==== v1.7.0 (Mon Jan 05, 2015) ==== based on OpenWRT Barrier Breaker is now officially released. Do NOT try to preserve settings between previous releases and 1.7.0 -- The new configuration files for Barrier Breaker are different than previous versions of OpenWRT and you will likely brick your router! This released focused merely on updating the functionality available on 1.6.2 to run on the more recent version of OpenWRT, and the primary benefit you will see is newer wireless drivers and the availability of Gargoyle for a much larger range of router models. One important note: Wireless AC capability is not supported in this release. The hardware of some supported models has this capability, but software support is currently not available for Gargoyle. There was a recent patch contributed that will enable guest network support -- that is not included in this release, but now that porting to Barrier Breaker is complete this will be merged and will be available in the next release. This release marks the first release in a the new 1.7.x Experimental branch, and may be buggier than previous releases in the 1.6.x stable branch. I have tried to test well, but I anticipate there may be a few bugs remaining. Please report any bugs -- in particular bugs that were not present in previous releases -- in the thread below.

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