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 +====== Gargoyle 1.1.x Series ======
 +**<fs 90%>​[[changelog#​Changelog]]</​fs>​**
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.8 (Mar 11, 2010)|1.1.8]]</​fs>​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.7 (Feb 04, 2010)|1.1.7]]</​fs>​ ''​Kamikaze 8.09.2''​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.6 (Jan 06, 2010)|1.1.6]]</​fs>​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.5 (Dec 30, 2009)|1.1.5]]</​fs>​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.4 (Dec 16, 2009)|1.1.4]]</​fs>​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.3 (Dec 06, 2009)|1.1.3]]</​fs>​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.2 (Nov 08, 2009)|1.1.2]]</​fs>​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.1 (Nov 02, 2009)|1.1.1]]</​fs>​
 +  * <fs 80%>​[[1.1.x#​v1.1.0 (Oct 25, 2009)|1.1.0]]</​fs>​
 +==== v1.1.8 (Mar 11, 2010) ====
 +    * Add hostname field to tables in Connected Hosts section
 +    * Option to display hostname instead of IPs in Bandwidth, Bandwidth Distribution,​ Web Usage, and Connection List sections ​
 +    * Fixes bug causing PPPoE not to start correctly after reboot
 +    * Further QoS improvements (RED queues instead of SFQ)
 +    * Support for Netcore NW618 Rosewill RNX-GX4 (Thanks to Spudz76!)
 +==== v1.1.7 (Feb 04, 2010) ====
 +    * New QoS implementation,​ replacing "​minimize delay" option with minimum bandwidth setting (HUGE thanks to Paul Bixel for this)
 +    * Dramatically increases performance of client bridge on atheros devices
 +    * Upgrades OpenWrt version to 8.09.2 (latest in 8.09 branch)
 +    * Ensures that bandwidth plot IPs to display get saved properly when bandwidth page reloads
 +    * Fixes bug preventing MAC addresses starting with A-F from being assigned a static IP
 +==== v1.1.6 (Jan 06, 2010) ====
 +    * Ip Range Quotas now work properly
 +    * Multiple "other individual"​ quotas (for multiple time ranges) now work properly
 +    * If a "other individual"​ quotas are active, and a host for which data has been saved has a new explicit quota defined, the "other individual"​ quota data for that host data will now be dropped
 +==== v1.1.5 (Dec 30, 2009) ====
 +    * Fixes several issues with "All other individual"​ quotas, introduced in 1.1.3. These other individual quotas now display properly in Status/​Quota Usage section, and erroneous duplicate quotas no longer show up.
 +==== v1.1.4 (Dec 16, 2009) ====
 +    * Allows option for high-resolution monitoring of all hosts for 15 minute time frame
 +    * Include proper timezones / daylight savings time configurations for all six regions in Australia that can have different times
 +    * Fixes several bugs in new quota implementation in 1.1.3 that allows multiple quotas per IP
 +    * Fixes bug causing UPNP not to be deactivated properly if it was previously active and then turned off
 +    * Updates Connection table to include Layer7 protocol (if known) and QoS class if QoS is active (Thanks to Paul Bixel)
 +    * Hides table headers when no data is defined for table (Thanks to Tony Butler)
 +==== v1.1.3 (Dec 06, 2009) ====
 +    * Allows more detailed specification of when quotas are and are not active
 +    * Multiple quotas can be specified for a single IP address, provided that times the different quotas apply do not overlap
 +    * Multiple IP addresses and/or IP address ranges can be specified for a single quota
 +    * Fixes bug causing http and https connections to be redirected if a quota has been reached, but is not currently active.
 +    * Fixes bug in bandwidth display graphs, which display an incorrect time if time-zone offset from UTC is not an even number of hours
 +==== v1.1.2 (Nov 08, 2009) ====
 +    *  Rearrange plots in bandwidth usage screen, so the upload and download plots are small and displayed above the larger total plot. Each plot can then be expanded in a new window. This helps visualize all three plots at once.
 +    * Decrease max number of intervals labeled on bandwidth plots, so interval labels never overlap, which sometimes previously made them look messy and unreadable
 +    * Fix bug that can sometimes cause problems when restoring old bandwidth monitor data
 +    * Fix bug preventing bandwidth distribution pie charts from displaying correctly in Opera and Chrome
 +==== v1.1.1 (Nov 02, 2009) ====
 + * Complete overhaul of the old bandwidth monitor interface
 + * Instead of monitoring bandwidth of static IPs only, monitor all IPs (automatically detected), but at lower resolution
 + * Change bandwidth monitoring intervals: now monitor ​ 15 min, 6 hr, 24 hr, 30 days and 1 year
 + * Graph total bandwidth as well as upload/​download,​ and add Total column to bandwidth table
 + * Allow selection of specific IP / QOS class as well as total in bandwidth table
 + * Allow display of minutes & hours as well as days & months in bandwidth table
 +==== v1.1.0 (Oct 25, 2009) ====
 + *  New Bandwidth distribution section (B/W Distribution in the status menu), which will show the use of every individual ip on the network over the last few months/​days/​hours/​minutes.
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