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Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:04 am
by pigstacho

Just to put my two cents in, I have successfully flashed DIR-615 ver E4 with gargoyle following this steps, just in case someone find it useful.

I have a DIR-601 (Same hardware as DIR-600A) with AR7240 and it have been running gargoyle for some time now, it works pretty well but I don't like the poor coverage or Wireless in that router. On the other side I had a DIR-615 E4 running DD-WRT and it sucks, no working QoS, Hags after some time, etc... So I wondered if I could flash DIR-615 E4 with gargoyle since they have the same processor (AR7240) and similar wireless radio chips (AR9285 vs AR9287) so I started at OpenWRT to check for support and I found that the radio chip is supported from 10.03.1-rc4, and since Gargoyle 1.4.3 or 1.5.0 is based in rc5+, I figured that it was worth the risk :) everything works fine now and I have better Wireless coverage.

So, the steps are this:

1) Download Gargoyle for DIR-600A factory image (I have tested 1.4.3 and 1.5.0) ... actory.bin

2) Using a hex editor (I use XVI32 since its free) you have to modify the firmware identifier so the router does not reject the firmware as invalid for the model, open the file and go to the end, you will see the DIR-600 A1 identifier and you have to change it for the DIR 615 E4 identifier, then save the file.

You will see (DIR-600 A1): AP91-AR7240-RT-090223-00
You need to change to (DIR-615 E4): AP99-AR7240-RT-091105-05

XVI32 download link: ... /

3) Now you have an image that is ready to be flashed to DIR-615 E4, I used the DLink Emergency Firmware Flasher page but I guess it will work from the normal Web Interface too. To enter Emergency Flasher just disconnect power from your Router, set your IP to (LAN Interface, never use Wireless to flash) and connect to the 1st LAN port of the router, press the reset button and keep it down while you connect the power to the router, wait for it (around 10 seconds) and the power light will start to blink in amber color, now use Internet Explorer (Chrome and Firefox don't work here) to go to, select the file we just edited and flash it.

4) You have to wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the router reboots, then you can change you static IP to DHCP and wait for the magic to happen inside your router, after a minute or two you will have a working Gargoyle in DIR-615 E4 (IP

I had some problems restoring settings from the DIR-601 router so don't restore settings from other model, its best to start fresh.

Hope it helps someone.

Eduardo Peccorini

P.D.: If trying this be sure that your router is E4 version, there are several versions of DIR-615 and they have different hardware, this will not work for other versions.

Re: Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:04 am
by ispyisail

Re: Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:52 pm
by chateau
I loaded Gargoyle 1.51 for a DIR-600 A1 on a DIR-615 E3 as well.

Basically the same procedure as posted for the DIR-615 E4.

The information you will need to edit and replace using a HEX Editor at the end of Gargoyle 1.51 file for DIR-600 A1 is

Decimal AP99-AR7240-RT-091105-01


HEX 41 50 39 39 2d 41 52 37 32 34 30 2d 52 54 2d 30 39 31 31 30 35 2d 30 31 00

You can get this from the D-Link factory firmware for DIR-615 E3 if unsure.

After editing the file I used the Recovery Mode (hold down reset button while powering up until Power LED flashes orange).

Used Firefox at IP Address and Fixed IP on my PC of, browsed to the Gargolye file I edited and uploaded it.

I started fresh and entered all new information after Gargoyle started up.

All seemed to work OK except the WAN, Wireless and LAN Leds do not work which is the same as my DIR-601 A! router that has Gargoyle running.

Re: Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:10 pm
by lepa71
Why are you guys using DIR-600 A1 and not DIR-615 C1?

I have 2 DIR-615 E3 revision and currently running dd-wrt on both(different versions) in bridge mode.

I hope this would be more stable than dd-wrt.


Re: Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Sun May 13, 2012 10:54 am
by pigstacho
The hardware is closer between DIR-600 and DIR-615 E4 than DIR-615 C1

You can check:с1с2.revision

DIR-615 C1 has Atheros AR9130 CPU / AR9102 Radio

DIR-600 / DIR-615 both have Atheros AR7240 CPU and AR9285 / AR9287 radios.

Re: Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:51 am
by einjelhart
why i cannot do this on my dlink 615 e4 version. i tried your steps but it keeps prompting me an error.

h/w 5.10- f/w e4, i don;t know what i s the problem on my router.

steps what i've used:

press the reset button of the router and keep it down while you connect the power to the router, i'll wait for it (around 10 seconds) and the power light will start to blink in amber color, now i use Internet Explorer to go to, select the file i just edited and flashed it, but after that nothings happen the amber lights keep on blinking. i had waited for 15 minutes but still no luck so i decided to turned off and power back on my router then check if already changed but still dlink control panel not the gargoyle.

before i did that, i just edited by using hex editor as per instruction.

please help guys if i missed something here.

anyway i tried also on admin account on control panel of router but still i couldn't succeed.a

Re: Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:08 am
by einjelhart
i hope someone replied on my comments, until now i can't update my dir-615 on that firmware of Gargoyle. please help..thanks

Re: Gargoyle for Dlink DIR-615 E4

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:28 am
by Nreokfkorer
What I read I really liked it. Thank you for your information!