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Howto: Fios with 2 routers for qos functionality and speed.

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:51 pm
by robnitro
I have fiber 75Mbit/75Mbit that consistently tests to 85d/91u.
Using WNDR3800 overclocked from 680 to 800mhz.
The problem I had was that the Qos was limiting simultaneous max speeds, even if I just set it for uplink only. Dtaht of ceroWRT explained that the cpu hogger is the rate limiters, not codel. So without qos I could saturate up and down... but latency would come with that and no qos.

Another issue is that my fiber provider does cable tv and the video on demand feature uses the internet link to stream HD movies. This extra bandwith of streaming does NOT affect the internet download speed. Tested a movie at around 20 mbit, and still was able to push 84 down in speed tests... so the line itself is technically a 150 line, with reserved bandwith for their cabletv functions. The internet is what they throttle to whatever speed you pay (75/75, etc).

So, I recently played with the mi424wr REV I router that they provide for faster connections.
It has a somewhat decent rate limiter qos...
DMZ is broken, doesn't seem to work... but if you forward the ports as in the photo I attached, you can use your own openwrt/gargoyle port forwarding to successfully run services with no issue. I have ftp/rdp/vnc/remote openwrt ssh and webpage access working fine with this setup!

Also be sure to set the DDNS (dynamic dns) inside openwrt to use the webpage to find the wan IP... because openwrt router does not get the internet ip.

Now I can run max speed both ways with no latency issues. Also the by cerowrt runs great as my router isn't maxed out cpu wise. I also run hosts blocklist and a few CIDR based blocklists through ipset linked to iptables.

Hi, I have fiber 75Mbit/75Mbit that con ... m7l2nrr89/

Re: Howto: Fios with 2 routers for qos functionality and spe

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:26 am
by robnitro
I've since changed my setup. Now, gargoyle is used to do download QOS, as it's much better in sharing bandwith, limiting torrents, and keeping ping low than the old school QOS of the actiontec rev. I.

The actiontec is still handling upload QOS though because gargoyle or openwrt on 800 mhz overclocked ar71xx router cannot handle simultaneous traffic of my fiber internet.