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B/W Limit in Quota for LAN doesn't trump other Quotas

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:47 am
by wisepass
Hi I'm a new user to Gargoyle so apologies if this has been brought up previously but I'm finding it difficult to find an answer on the forums.

Model:NETGEAR WNDR3700 (v1)
Gargoyle Version:1.8.1

I was hoping to setup an overall WAN Quota for all of my LAN which covers my monthly ISP allowance. I would be setting up an actual DAILY allowance of say 1.5 GB of data and then want to hugely Bandwidth Limit beyond this to say 75KBps of bandwidth.

However I was also hoping to Bandwidth Limit each of my Users as well - i.e. also on the Quota page - setup specific user with small MONTHLY allowance of 1 MB of data which is quickly used then B/W limit them to 250KBps of Bandwidth. (the reason for this is actually to limit Amazon, Netfix and YouTube to 480p streams only consistently, since I've found using QoS difficult as many streaming service are introducing HTTPS)

I was hoping the entire LAN would be throttled once the Quota was used, but it seems this only works for those who DONT already have another Quota setup which B/W limits them - Instead these IPs just continue on their individually Quota set B/W Limit. (tested by internet speed testing)

Interestingly though - if I instead set the whole LAN to "Shut Down All Internet Access" the system works as I would expect and it throttles these users immediately, then once the LAN goes over the set limit all WAN traffic is blocked.

i.e. Overall, I was hoping in the Quota page the LAN setting B/W Limit would trump any individual IP set B/W limit, but I've found this not the case - but you can set the LAN Quota to block all WAN traffic and it will be blocked.

Should this be the case? For now I'll set to block all traffic but I was hoping to do my original plan if possible.

Re: B/W Limit in Quota for LAN doesn't trump other Quotas

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:55 pm
by danymarc
try using quotas + qos
read the whole post ... =13&t=8618