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Re: QOS for bufferbloat and everything else

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:40 am
by Sgt-Greco
Thanks for the input Daeron. I appreciate.

Let me ask you. I've noticed that with 1% BW in my GAMING class, I had better hit detection rather than a higher one. (as I see it in your GAMING class you are at 45%).

Do you think it's a placebo or it makes sense somehow ?

Re: QOS for bufferbloat and everything else

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:47 am
by Daeron
With what setup exactly? 1% BW + a sufficient minimum kbps or just the percentage value alone? Compared to what setup?

The percentages in my post are just placeholders so don't read too much into them. The idea would be to always give priority to the smaller packets. Considering they are so small you can give them a fairly generous % and not expect them to ever reach that.

Gargoyle automatically recycles the unused bandwidth for the other classes so you dont have to define a static value and constantly monitor whether your games go over the limit.

Fair warning though, torrents will quickly overflow that class and theres not a ton you can do about that (apart from separating the torrent client by IP or similar).

Re: QOS for bufferbloat and everything else

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:34 am
by Sgt-Greco
Sorry for the delayed response Daeron. Still struggling to find the sweet spot.

First off, my setup is a "Gaming and Everything Else" type.
I don't care about Youtube, streaming, torrents, Netflix etc. so I ended up with two classes: GAMING and NORMAL (everything else). I also don't try to be fair when someone else is using the Internet. Gaming has top priority.

Now I'm testing all BW percentages and limits* for these two classes from 1%-99% to 99%-1%, both when I'm all alone gaming or when someone else is using the Internet. (I pay for 50down/5up).

Overall I'm happy with Gargoyle and ACC but every suggestion or comments are very welcome.

* the reason I use limits is because I suspect games like COD use Lag Compensation in their Netcoding that penalize good connections in favor of the worst ones.

Here is a short question I've come up with:
Let's say my console has 99% BW and the rest of the LAN 1%. Is it possible devices that fall into NORMAL class to use any bandwidth from my GAMING class ?

Re: QOS for bufferbloat and everything else

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 3:35 pm
by Daeron
All unused bandwidth is recycled among the other classes according to their ratios.

So if you set your Gaming class to 99% bandwidth, but only actually use 20%, the remaining 79% can (and will) be reused by other classes. If your Gaming class is at 99% and actually uses that much, then the other classes can only use the remaining 1%.

If you want to stop your Normal class from ever going above 1%, thats what the maximum bandwidth option is for. It's in kbps but you can just do [total bandwith]*0.01 to calculate what the equivalent of 1% is.

Hard capping like that just to hope your gaming stays a bit more stable sounds rather excessive to me though. As long as you set up your QoS properly your ping should stay very reasonable even at near full speed downloads going on in the background. It's also what ACC is meant to compensate for more or less.

If you just want to give priority to your console, funnel it into its own class based on IP address and give it a generous minimum bandwidth (lets say double what you see on average) and perhaps tick minimize RTT for the class and enable ACC (although I personally didn't have much luck with its current iteration shipped with v1.10.0).

Thats roughly the best case scenario unless the console also does background downloads while playing, but I imagine you can configure that.

Messing with maximum packet bytes is for those who don't have the luxury to separate their gaming machine so easily by IP or just want a one size fits all solution that works reasonably okay without much configuration required.

Netcode and lag compensation is a fairly complex topic and it seems to me that you are mixing multiple things together so I can't really interpret what you are trying to say.

From the perspective of the router you are just trying to always leave enough bandwidth for the gaming packets to get through without much waiting. It won't magically make your hitreg better, it will just keep things mostly normal during heavy loads that would otherwise shoot your ping to 999s (such as someone downloading at full speed in the background).

Re: QOS for bufferbloat and everything else

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:49 pm
by SirSWE
These settings are godly. Do you have something more enabled or any more recommendations? Drop Ping from WAN side etc? Let me know